I’m totally overwhelmed. By what’s happening in our nation, by where it seems to be leading, by the increasing need to step up and act. I am also convinced that in the midst of this fight for justice, we must continue to celebrate the big and small things that bring joy and beauty into our lives. We must re-member, re-constitute, the goodness of God we have experienced in our communities. So I do that today – with this update on my bike.

This past October, after I had the great misfortune of having my bike stolen, I had the great privilege of being supported and held by so many of you all. My Words for Wheels project was an attempt to trade written works for bike-buying funds (and if you have not yet received your written piece – fear not! It is coming!), and it was a rather successful venture, mostly because you all are a fantastic community.

I wanted to get the replacement bike before winter weather set in, so at the beginning of November, I brought home (and subsequently rode endlessly) this beauty:


May I present Lucy Pevensie, my bicycle extraordinaire.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.