Words for Wheels

UPDATE: Thanks to my fabulous community, I have purchased a beautiful new bike, which my sister helped me name Lucy Pevensie. I am so honored and grateful to ride this bike across the city.


Lucy Pevensie in all her brand new, November glory.

So, I had this lovely 21-speed Raleigh women’s bike, mid-sized, grey, and appropriately named Gandalf the Grey, that I used as my primary mode of transportation to work, to school, to the grocery store, etc.  I don’t have a car; cars in Evanston mean high gas prices, a dearth of parking spots, and a never-ending game of musical streets because of street-cleaning days.


I didn’t write this, but I might.

Last night, while I welcomed in fall at a friend’s place with mint tea and pumpkin bread, Gandalf the Grey was stolen: lock cut, helmet left, bike gone. I’ve filed a police report, but I imagine that the stolen bicycle files that the Chicago police have for one month could wall-paper my apartment.  It’s not likely I’ll ever see my bike again.

At this time, I don’t have the financial means to replace my bike.  However, while I might be lacking in dollars, I am not lacking in words.  So I’m going to put my writing skills to good use and launch my mini-fundraiser called Words for Wheels.  Below is a list of word-smithing you can purchase from me to help fund my bike and needed accessories.  Any money I raise over the amount needed to replace Gandalf the Grey will be donated to The Recyclery, a non-profit bike shop that provides bicycles and bike education to those in need.

$5 – I will write a simple poem/prayer/blessing on a topic of your choice (birthdays, anniversaries, bedtimes, meal times, house warmings, life goals or lessons, favorite seasons, pet peeves, etc.).

$10 – I will write a longer blessing/poem/prayer on a topic of your choice (see above).

$20 – Have you always wished there was a hymn/worship song about a particular topic?  Give me a tune you love and a topic, and I’ll write lyrics to your chosen tune.

$25 – Is there a song you love but that has a section you’ve always been frustrated by because of its cheesiness/archaic message/thoughts about gender roles/etc.?  I will rewrite the section of the song for you and, with a musician friend(s), record a basic version of it to send your way (recording quality will be minimal, but the music will be great!).

Choose your own adventure!  Need something written that you don’t see here?  Let me know!

New! Editing help. Have a resume or cover letter that could use extra eyes?  Do you need proofreading or thoughts on a paper, article, or piece of art?  Depending on the length of the item, the depth of editing needed, and the deadline, we can negotiate a good price for some editing work.

All written pieces will be finished by the end of 2016.  If you have a need for the piece earlier, let me know the deadline, and I will happily adhere to that.

Fundraising sites take a percentage of the money to keep themselves running, which is fine, but since I’m not raising that much, I’m foregoing the fundraising site route.  I’ll accept payment by check in the mail or through Chase Quickpay.  To get my address or to send money through Chase, here’s my email: cassidhe.p.hart@gmail.

Questions?  Thoughts?  Commiserations?  Let me know!

Thanks, everyone.  You’re golden.